Originated from Hong Sheng Stone Co.,Ltd, since it establishment in 2004, Hong Sheng has been concentrating on the industry of bathroom furniture and accessories, aiming the markets of USA, Canada and Australia. Through two decades of developments, we are becoming one of the leading companies in the industry from design, manufacture control to sales and marketing. In the challenging environment, we took the measures to respond flexibly to changes, expanding product category to home office furniture.
Hong Sheng allied with suppliers and customers as partnership and became one of the most popular players in North American market, supplying American Standard, 5-star hotels and major online clients on Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes and so on. The rough our dedication to customer-focused innovation, strong partnership, high quality product and superior service, we have established a strong sales network from online to offline as base for achieving sustainable growth and increased corporate value over the medium to long term.
Hong Sheng was established by investors and owned by staff. Based on our people-oriented business philosophy, with the culture of open, trust, harmony, respect, fun, affiliation, work together and share together, our vision is to work together to build a long-lasting company which benefits all the stakeholders.
We are eager to recruit talents who are conscientious, competent and with potential to strengthen our professional, self-motivated and innovative team. We value our staff and wish to bring you happy work, relaxed concentration and making work a part of life worth enjoying. You will achieve personal value while taking part in the cause of company success.
Hong Sheng will meet the expectations that your stakeholders have for the further growth of the company through the implementation of concrete measures based on our management strategy. Comparing company to a dragon boat, the excellent team and execution are the key to row the boat at express speed to the goal.
We are committed to continuous developing Hong Sheng towards the future, further creating corporate value and contributing to the development of society. Our staff are the most accessible social responsibility of the company. We look forward to your participation and support.